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County Clare
The Village Crafts Shop is located in the village of Doolin. We carry a wide variety of crafts and souvenirs, ranging from handknit and loomed woollen sweaters, tweed shawls, capes, vests, hats to paintings and photographs, jewellery and many lovely souvenirs. We can also offer pottery, jam, candles and more.
Inside Doolin Village Crafts   The Village Crafts Shop stays open seven days a week all summer and on weekends during for the rest of the year.

We accept VISA and Mastercard.

You can avail of taxfree shopping if you belong to our non-EU customers.

We do not sell on-line, but if you can not fit it in your suitcase, we can ship it for you at cost.

Inside Doolin Village Crafts
For those not familiar with Doolin village:

Doolin is very popular with Irish and international visitors. Doolin village is situated on the west coast of Ireland, on the edge of the Burren, a spectacular limestone landscape with unique flora and fauna. The majestic Cliffs of Moher are just 4 miles away. If you like walking, Doolin and surrounding townlands can offer you lots of small, winding boreens to explore. At Doolin pier you can take the ferry to the Aran Islands, or a cruise around the cliffs. Doolin is synonymous with Irish Traditional Music. You rarely hear one mentioned without the other. Many well known musicians have played here and still do. There are three Irish Music Pubs in Doolin. The famous Gus O'Connor's Pub in Fisherstreet, just five doors away from our Crafts Shop, and McDermott's Pub and McGann's in Roadford, at the other end of Doolin village and equally enjoyable. With only one hours drive from Shannon Airport and Galway City, Doolin is also the perfect place to choose as a base from where you can explore the whole of Clare.

  The Proprietors of Doolin Village Crafts Proprietors:
Gus and Maeve Fitzgerald

Village Crafts Shop
County Clare

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